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After passing the DSC 1 – David Mitchell awarded 5 stars

“The site was a very helpful way of learning as It was easy to access on both laptop and my mobile. For me it was an enjoyable way of learning also as it was boring pages of written text.”

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Going for your DSC Level 1

Our method of learning is useful to the experienced stalker as well as those who are new to stalking. It is also good for those of us who find it easier to learn at home at a slower pace rather than being in a classroom type of location.

All of the DSC1 questions are listed in ‘bite sized’ lessons together with the answers, and example photographs of the different deer species together with relevant identification points. You can learn and self test with our interactive question and answer system.

It can be used to supplement a residential course, giving you help with all of the theory. You will still need to be able to shoot accurately and safely, and demonstrate fieldcraft which a residential course can help you with.

Deer Management Qualification

The DSC question bank (without answer confirmation) is subject to the DMQ’s copyright requirements, and is available free of charge at the DMQ website HERE where you will also find information about the DSC level 2 and a whole lot more. Our lesson bank teaches you the actual answers.

What's the cost?

Simple!  £10 for your first month,  then £8 for each additional month you want.  You have full control as we don’t believe in automatic renewals.

We have special rates for students on some courses, ask your course provider about this.

A little video to whet your appetite…. see if you can spot the different species!

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