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Learn at home? Do a course? Do both?

For the experienced deer stalker: You already have a wealth of experience and knowledge, but do you know enough of the theory to pass the DSC level 1 test? Book in to your local assessment centre for the one-day test, then prepare for the theory test by using our service to help you refresh your existing knowledge and ‘plug the gaps’.

For the newer deer stalker: Get a head start on learning all of the theory before you attend one of the many short residential courses offered by other training services. We do recommend that you attend such courses as they can teach you the practical elements of the test which we cannot cover. However, the residential course will be far easier if you already have some of the knowledge before you start.

How you learn with us: Our method is to present to you, in many different combinations, all of the questions and answers covered by the DSC1. In addition, we have over 100 deer identification slides – some easy, some less so – so that you can learn the relevant differences between species. The “lessons” are in “bite sized chunks” so that you can dip in and out as your time allows. You are presented with a set of questions or identification slides which you answer. Each time you answer, you are told if you are right or wrong along with what the correct answer was. Keep repeating the lessons until it all sinks in…. simples!

Here’s a typical slide from our ID lessons:

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After passing the DSC 1 – Gary Crossley awarded 5 stars

“Exceptionally useful easy to navigate and bags of pertinent information. “


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