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The Deer Stalking Certificate: Level 2

This is established by Deer Management Qualifications as a more advanced level qualification to enable candidates to demonstrate their understanding of deer management principles and to show competence in legally, safely and humanely culling deer, and dealing with carcasses hygienically.

An award of the DSC Level 1 is a pre-requisite for the Level 2 award.

Where the level 1 is broadly knowledge based, the level 2 is more practical. It requires a candidate to undertake a number of successful stalks whilst accompanied by an approved witness, and build a portfolio of evidence associated with those stalks. This is then assessed by the DMQ.

The two awards compliment each other, and allows the candidate to evidence that they have both knowledge AND experience in the management of deer.

We do not provide a service for the level 2 award, but can advise you about where to contact approved witnesses.

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Tim Matthews awarded 5 stars

“Extremely helpful compliment to the DSC1 manual and learning process. I’m extremely glad I happened across this resource before attending the DSC1 course. Please just note that regarding question 281 in the DSC1 manual (“During which month do Chinese water deer rut? “), there is no corresponding answer on the “Deer Seasons” chart.”


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